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Turning customer information into cash faster than the competition is what we do at FutureCreators. We have repeatedly helped companies like GE, Siemens and Verizon achieve profitable growth by understanding key operating metrics that establish how well you understand customer data. That understanding will help you uncover huge pools of untouched cash in your business.

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AT&T: Information Surface Mess

Conventional wisdom says that AT&T's $85 billion deal to acquire Time-Warner lets AT&T leverage its huge network with Time Warner's content. Looks like a win, right? Not at all!! FutureCreators know this deal is a non-starter. And why. Want to know what FutureCreators know about an AT&T's deal?

An abbreviated version of our full clip, AT&T: Information Surface Mess, is ready for you now.


Your Information Surface & $$$:

The cloud inflated Information Surface is a new dimension in business, it's also the most powerful. Understanding this new language will unlock Zettabyte scale opportunities. Your information Surface size is not an evolution, you can lose it and lose it at Moore Time speed (quickly!).

Watch our video to gain insight into this invaluable metric.

Walmart: FutureCreator

Walmart is the greatest scaler of modern times, a true FutureCreator. Conventional wisdom tells us that it is being zapped by Amazon and can't scale anymore, FutureCreators know this simply isn't true.

Watch this sample clip to learn how Walmart has managed its Cash Velocity Index to maintain its FutureCreators 'A-grade' status since 1997.


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