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Our Mission

At FutureCreators, our mission is to help you unlock the key to scalable profitability: turning customer information into cash faster than your competition and do it at Zettabyte scale.

We help you measure your business' ability to scale profitably in the Zettabyte Era using key operating metrics. These metrics tell you immediately how close you are to your customer information and how to uncover huge pools of untouched cash, the lifeblood of your business. We want to see your business growing, profitable and cash rich.

FutureCreators Program

No one has called as many shifts in business as we have. We have done it for years, consistently, globally and often. Our approach is unique.

Here's how we do it. We start with our proprietary Information Surface Assessment & Management Grade using four key metrics:

  1. Cash Velocity Index
  2. Capital Velocity Index
  3. Ecosystem Velocity
  4. Information Velocity

These hard numbers show you where you are on the all-important Information Cost-Velocity Curve.

Our easy-to-use video matrix, quarterly webinars and annual Meeting fuel hungry minds with disruptive ideas, tools, analysis and observations.

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Companies with super competitive ecosystems can scale quickly and profitably.

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Our proprietary Grading System uses specifically chosen metrics to create a snapshot of your company's health.
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About Us

FutureCreators was built by Francis McInerney, Managing Director of North River Ventures. Francis started this journey in 1976 when he cofounded his first company, Northern Business Information. NBI became the world's largest publisher of telecommunications market information. Having built an unprecedented and unmatched reputation for accuracy and prediction, NBI got an unsolicited offer from McGraw Hill in 1988. Major companies worldwide continue to rely on North River Ventures and Francis' methods as their future-proofing secret weapon.

We've worked one-on-one with C-level executives for decades and we are disheartened by how many of you have subscriptions to market data companies and big name consultancies that offer bland cookie cutter reports and zero ROI. Raise your hand if you have one.  Raise your hand if you're winning.  That's what we thought.

Exclusive Video Matrix

Our videos are comprised of tutorials explaining our fundamental concepts and exploring case studies of companies that have succeeded, and more importantly, those that have failed. Every video contains cash-finding lessons that you can apply immediately to your business.


Have you seen our list of predictions?

What would 20 years of advanced notice on significant events mean for your business today? Can you imagine what that time advantage can offer you? We've been giving our clients that kind of notice since 1976. It's not magic. Watch this short clip as we walk you through a handful of our predictions and how we used our FutureCreators system to make them.


Is FutureCreators for you?

We know what you need and why you need it. Our program shows you how to use often ignored data to make market predictions. We give you core tutorials and real time assessments at Zettabyte speed. Forget your watch. We are on FutureCreators' time. Check out this clip to learn more.

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